Matt Catling presents Create Your Future Now

The #1 Empowerment Training for
Leaders, Change Makers and Coaches

For the last time ever, Create Your Future Now will be a free event!

Matt Catling presents Create Your Future Now - A workshop to empower Leaders, Change Makers and Coaches to create in the new world.

We have put together a brand new Create Your Future Now Event to help you not just survive but thrive during this time and shine a light for others.

In this time of uncertainty business owners, leaders, change-makers, and coaches need to change the way they're doing things.

When you're stuck in the past way of doing things, you repeat the past. And if you're stuck in the future, thinking about the worst-case scenario, you become paralysed! The worst thing to do in a crisis is to do what you have always done or be paralysed to change. We need to keep moving and creating in new ways.

When you increase emotion you decrease intelligence!

What's required is to clear out any fear and anxiety and to start to tap into a new level of creativity and create NOW!

For me, I feel that everything I've learned up to this point, after two decades of studying and serving, is what I need to share with the world right now.

In this incredible training we will share with you:

Gain clarity around your future

Understand the mechanics of your unconscious mind

Learn how to handle the basic stresses around money, relationships and emotions

Become a creator!

Accept opportunities instead of rejecting them

Tap into your true genius and discover your purpose

Learn the steps to create your future now!


Sabrina Houssami

Featured on the Australian Apprentice, formerly Miss World 2006, Miss World Asia 2007

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of courage, perseverance and insight I have learned to display in all my business and personal dealings. Matt is one of those rare things – a coach who guides and prompts with such subtlety and skill that one cannot help but be persuaded, motivated and inspired. You will see progress where there was none before.”

It’s time to shine your light!

What Coronavirus has taught us is the old ways of doing things are not going to work in the new world

Taking a leadership position in your life is more important now than ever, don't wait for someone to rescue you!

Now is the time to double down on personal development, protect your mind from negative suggestions, reinvent yourself and create your future now.

Surround yourself with mentors, leaders, and visionaries that are playing a bigger game during this crisis, leaders that are turning this crisis into an opportunity to step up even more.

We want to help you create a new vision for your future, surround you with a tribe that is not stuck in fear and paralysed but a tribe of mentors that are serving, creating and playing a bigger game. 

A tribe that has been through crises before and will give you the tools, strategies and tactics to turn this into the greatest opportunity to create your future and set you up for the rest of your life.  

It’s time to create your new future NOW!!

Justin .W

"Felt the need to let you guys know how much I loved the Mindset Accelerator Online recently. It left me inspired and motivated to chase my goals and dreams with a lot more vigour! Enjoyed the event very much as it really did help me focus more on getting my own personal mindset targeted into areas it needs to be to create better action steps moving forward! This personal journey is ongoing and the mindset accelerator definitely provided the inspiration to keep pushing ahead so that I am grateful and say a big thank you 🙂 Look forward to the next opportunity once again to learn from you guys at Your Future Now."

Matt Catling presents Create Your Future Now - A workshop to empower Leaders, Change Makers and Coaches to create in the new world.

Our Mentor


Matt Catling
CEO of Your Future Now, The Troublemakers and Founder of The Institute of Behavioural Science

Introducing Matt Catling…

A gifted trainer, educator and entrepreneur, Matt has spent close to half his life running businesses and has been heavily involved in the personal development and consulting industry.

At 27 Matt helped grow one of the biggest coaching and consulting companies in Australia, reaching the BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, expanding it nationally and increasing sales into the millions.

Matt has now worked with over 100,000 people nationwide, has founded a number of successful companies such as Your Future Now, Your Future Events, The Institute of Behavioural Science and The Troublemakers.

Matt also has a passion for contribution and making a difference, having helped raise over $600k for the Make a Wish Foundation, Bear Cottage, and currently runs his acclaimed Live it Now training monthly for the local community.

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